“Suite” means succession: Bach in his Suite for Cello Solo stylized different forms of dance born and developed over many years in very different geographical areas and he put them, appropriately, in succession.

From this concept of heterogeneity sprouts the “Cubed Suite”, where the very idea of a succession of different pieces is multiplied by itself, and where the diversity between the pieces of which it is made is stretched to the extreme: the result is an organic musical body that rotates around a common tonal centre, featuring a great variety of genres and styles, that keeps the same dramatic structure specific to Bach’s suites (namely the alternation of slow and fast dances, binary and ternary tempos, old and modern origins).

Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite per violoncello solo n.3 in do maggiore BWV 1009
(Preludio – Allemanda – Corrente – Sarabanda – Bourrée I and II – Giga)

“Preludio” – Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludio, from Suite No. 6 in D major

“Allemanda” – Paul Hindemith: Mäßig schnell, 2nd movement from Cello Sonata Op. 25

“Corrente” – György Ligeti: Capriccio, from Sonata for cello solo

“Sarabanda” – Johann Sebastian Bach: Sarabanda, from Suite No. 2 in D major

“Gavotte I e II” – Giovanni Sollima: Alone

“Giga” – Gaspar Cassadò:  Intermezzo e Danza finale, from Suite for cello solo (dedicated to Pablo Casals)

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